How can we help you?

Mobile and tablets games

We try our best to create the most attractive games for all kinds of platforms.

Multidevice apps

We develop mobile and multiplatform apps and web apps to help tour business catch up with the world 2.0.

Augmented Reality

We develop creative applications with the last AR technology, used in many fields.

Multimedia Consulting

Have a coffee with us and we will help you give shape to that idea.


More and more every time, the media reports the significant increase of the revenues of the videogames industry. Particularly, the mobile devices sector is the most favored one.
After years enjoying videogames while laying on the couch with friends, in Engidia we have discovered there is still one way to have even more fun: developing them! And we do it from start to finish. Let us know what you need and we will offer you design, programming and creative counseling so that your videogame is ready to succeed.

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Apps for mobile and tablets

We are fully aware of the penetration of smartphones and tablets in our society and how these devices, year after year, increase the percentage of online traffic versus personal computers.
We are focused on the development of apps to adapt your business to the mobility required by today’s society, where people is accessing to information anytime and anywhere. We use the latest software technology and our Apps respect Android and Apple’s quality guidelines.

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Augmented Reality

We develop creative applications using the latest technology in AR, applicable in many fields, such as education, museums, tourism, games, events and any field where you can add value through augmented reality.
Our AR applications on mobile devices can be implemented for both Android and iOS. We also develop augmented reality with HCI (Human Computer Interaction), creating experiences where actions to control or interact through the human body.

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Multimedia consulting projects

The new digital era is coming, where publicity, communication, marketing and sales are changing their traditional format to adapt to the needs of a customer in the 21st century.
Since technology moves forward at a dizzying pace, our studies and experience in multimedia engineering enable us to be at the forefront of progress. We are able to develop the newest projects while applying the user experience at the same time.
Do you have a technological idea but you don’t know how to implement it?
Do you have something to communicate and you are missing the way to differ from your competitors using the new technologies? Have a coffee with us and throw down the gauntlet!